Sunday, April 26, 2009

Word Meaning

Q-1 Unforbearing
(a) Not flattered (b) Not forbearing
(c) Not shrinking (d) Not baffled
Q-2 Unfree
(a) Foreseen (b) Not pardoned
(c) Not free (d) Not deserted
Q-3 Ungenteel
(a) Dishonorable (b) Impolite
(c) Not frozen (d) Uncouth
Q-4 Unglazed
(a) Not glazed (b) Rude
(c) Harshness (d) Not gilded
Q-5 Ungrateful
(a)Wicked (b) Not governed
(c) Not graced (d) Unacceptable
Q-6 Ungual
(a) Not gratified (b) Giving freely
(c) Behaving nails (d) cheerfully
Q-7 Unhacked
(a) An ointment (b) Not cut
(c) Without guilt (d) Innocent
Q-8 Unhewn
(a) Clumsily (b) Profane
(c) Rough (d) Prompt
Q-9 Unhopeful
(a) Hopeless (b) Not bired
(c) Impiety (d) to scatter
Q-10 Uniform
(a) To dislodge (b) Regular
(c) Not perfect (d) without harm
Q-11 Uninfluenced
(a) Dark (b) Not solicited
(c) Not fluenced (d) Not improved
Q-12 Unintelligent
(a) Not taught (b) Dull
(c) Not injurious (d) Not intelligent
Q-13 Uninterrupted
(a) Incessant (b) Not explained
(c) Not interrupted (d) Not make uniform
Q-14 Universal
(a) Not irritated (b) General
(c) To attach (d) Uniformity
Q-15 Unjust
(a) Faithless (b) Impartial
(c) Not joined (d) Not joyful
Q-16 Unkind
(a) Uncombed (b) Unknown
(c) Insignificant (d) Cruel
Q-17 Unlaboured
(a) Natural (b) To open
(c) Relative position (d) without knowledge
Q-18 Unlearned
(a) To carve (b) Not fixed
(c) Ignorant (d) Not lavish
Q-19 Unlike
(a) Not lent (b) Not like
(c) Except (d) Shapeless
Q-20 Unluckiness
(a) Misfortune (b) Not settled
(c) To unfasten (d) Not attractive
Q-21 Unmannerly
(a) Weak (b) Not shining
(c) Uncivil (d) to deject
Q-22 Unmeet
(a) Not marked (b) Not spoiled
(c) Unfit (d) beyond measure
Q-23 Unmerited
(a) Not melodious (b) Unjust
(c) Not mentioned (d) Cruel-hearted
Q-24 Unmistaken
(a) Not milked (b) Regardless
(c) Not mixed (d) Sure
Q-25 Unmoist
(a) Dry (b) Pure
(c) Not alerted (d) not lamented


1 b 2 c 3 b 4 a 5 d 6 c 7b 8c 9a 10b 11c 12d 13c 14 b 15a 16d 17a 18c 19b 20a 21c
22 c 23b 24d 25a